Read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer now!

Take refuge in the good old days.

Posted by Nirav on March 03, 2019 · 151 1 min read

Tom Sawyer is one of my favorite books. I often find myself reaching for it when the many many equations of reality fail to answer and I crave the simplicity of digging for treasures in the backyard of imagination.

The next time you want to lose yourself in the innocence of collecting bugs under the wistful sun and tracing constellations in the astral twilight of fireflies and wandering with the dull breeze of summer look no further than The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer.

The novel is masterfully written with Mark Twain’s flavor of wit and satire, which makes it even more enjoyable. Reading the humorous takes on many adult tendencies and the antics of Tom will make you want to take life less seriously. This is exactly what we want when we want to escape from sad thoughts and look at the world with childlike eyes again.